We passionately believe that there is a demand and a missing gap for results-oriented products, free of chemicals and parabens. And we are excited to share it with you.

What does 40 years of expertise bring to the skincare table? Nearly half a century of experience working with all skin types and conditions to curate the best treatments that heal problematic skin all while keeping up on the latest advances.

That is exactly what Andrea Jordan and Susie Petersen have created.

When they first came together and founded Andrea Jordan Skincare and Susie Petersen Skincare, their vision was simple – to bring attention to clients’ skin problems through personalized care and the use of the highest level of natural products on the market.

After several years of success, both with Susie making her mark as a top esthetician in Northern California and Andrea solidifying her position as a top skincare professional among celebrities, a lingering question kept surfacing.

How do we bring our skincare beliefs, practices and goals to life and turn them into tangible products for the masses?

A lack of premium skincare products on the market that provide results while limiting the exposure of chemical ingredients to the skin was apparent. There are results-driven products, but often also contain chemicals and additives that can be proven toxic to the body and cause irritation of the skin. Then there are natural, “organic” products that are derived from clean ingredients, but lack the results that help customers solve their skincare needs. Given what was missing, both Andrea and Susie knew there was a change that was needed. They were able to solve the many problems that their clients were experiencing, but could not offer products that they were 100% confident would support their clients’ needs long-term. The solution was simple – to begin developing a revolutionary skincare line that offers pharmaceutical-grade results formulated from natural ingredients that are truly clean and free of animal derived ingredients.

“We understand that skin is highly reactive and environmental. In today’s world, the average level of stress a person experiences has increased exponentially and your skin has a chemical reaction to these roller coaster stress levels. Your skincare products must be able to balance these reactions and minimize irritation and inflammation. We are seeing an alarming number of both men and women who are experiencing product overload and become overwhelmed with what is “best” for their skincare needs. They end up combining products, hoping to find a solution. But what they come to realize is that their skin reacts to these mixtures of chemicals and end up coming to us to provide relief to their inflamed and irritated skin. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise to us though. After all, you wouldn’t dare dream of blindly mixing prescriptions without first speaking with your physician. Why would your skin be any different?”

After years of formula making, we are proud to introduce Jordan & Petersen Skincare to the masses!